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Scattering ashes

Would you like to scatter ashes somewhere other than a graveyard? To do so, you will need to apply for permission from the County Administrative Board.

If you would like to scatter the ashes of a deceased person in a place other than a graveyard, you will need to apply for permission from the county administrative board. We can only give permission to scatter ashes once the person in question has died. You cannot apply for permission in advance. It is free to apply.

You must not keep the urn at home whilst waiting to scatter the ashes. The urn must be stored in the crematorium or by the local parish responsible for burials. In Tranås and Stockholm, the council is responsible for all burial matters.

The urn may only be collected when you are ready to scatter the ashes.

How do I apply to scatter ashes?

The application must be made by the person organising the burial. For example, this can be a relative, another close person or an official.

Before you apply, you must check whether a relative or close person of the deceased objects to the ashes being scattered at the place you wish to apply for.


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