• Eldningsförbud i hela Uppsala län

    Länsstyrelsen har i samråd med länets räddningstjänster beslutat att eldningsförbud gäller i hela Uppsala län, från torsdagen den 11 maj 2023 klockan 15.00. Förbudet gäller tillsvidare. The County Administrative Board has decided on a fire ban in Uppsala county, from 3 pm on May 11th 2023, valid until further notice.

Forest fire in Uppsala CountyRead more on SMHI's website about the current announcement.

Chief guardians

Do you have comments on a chief guardian? You may file complaints and comments to us at the County Administrative Board.

All municipalities have a chief guardian and a guardian committee supervising guardians, custodians and trustees. The County Administrative Board carry out inspections on a regular basis at the chief guardian. At the inspections we review if the chef guardian’s proceedings comply with laws and regulations and are carried out in a legally secure and appropriate manner. We may also review a chief guardian after, for example, receiving a complaint.

Complaints or comments

To file complaints or comments on a chief guardian, you may call, e-mail or send a letter to the County Administrative Board.

If you have comments on a guardian, custodian or trustee, please contact the municipality’s chief guardian. We do not supervise guardians, custodians or trustees.

What happens after I have filed complaints or comments?

  1. When the County Administrative Board receives your complaint or comment it becomes a case with us.
  2. Your case is registered and assigned a reference number.
  3. A case officer handles your case.
  4. The case officer processes the case and makes a decision.
  5. The decision is sent to you. You cannot appeal the decision.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the processing or the decision.


County Administrative Board of Stockholm

Box 22067, 104 22 Stockholm