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Stendörren is a popular, well-known nature reserve that attracts visitors from near and far. There is a range of environments – from nutrient-rich shore meadows to rocks with windswept pine trees. Stendörren is on Sweden’s east coast between Nyköping and Trosa.

Several suspension bridges take you far out into the natural environment of the archipelago. You can rest on the rocks and enjoy the sea view, or swim in the sea. You can only reach the outer skerries in the reserve by boat or kayak.

Explore the nature reserve on foot along one of several marked trails. Some of the trails have interesting information boards on nature and culture.

The aim of the reserve is to secure access to the coast and archipelago for outdoor pursuits, to preserve the character of the area as an old farming and archipelago landscape, and to protect the wildlife.

The Stendörren nature reserve was formed in 1972 and covers 923 ­hect­ares, of which 738 hectares is open ­water. The land is owned by the Environmental ­Protection ­Agency and managed by the County ­­Administra­tive Board in ­Söder­manland County. The area is a part of the European Natura 2000 protected areas network.

Things to do in Stendörren

  • Suspension bridges – Via the footbridges you can reach the islands of Äspskär and Stora Krokholmen.
  • Special-Access trails, ramps and toilets.
  • The observation tower – With a vast panorama over the Sörmland archipelago.
  • Barbecue areas – The reserve offers many excellent barbecue areas with a stock of firewood and benches.
  • Naturum Stendörren – Interesting exhibitions and exciting activities.

Foto: Josefin Andersson, Helena Herngren, Robin Pettersson, Maria Rolf.


On the shore meadows you will find seaside centaury, strawberry clover and silverweed, and in the stonier parts sea milkwort and valerian. The bare rocks are the ideal home for chives, yellow stonecrop and wild pansy.

The water in the Baltic Sea is brackish, so neither fully salty or fresh. If you look below the sparkling surface you can discover jellyfish, large shoals of bleak and perhaps even the seahorse-like pipefish.

There are also many sea birds in the reserve. Common tern, eider, herring gull, goosander and oystercatcher are some of the ones you may encounter. If you’re in luck you may see a white-tailed eagle as it soars in the sky, or a grey seal sunbathing on a rock.

Foto: Emelie Envall, Maria Rolf, Johanna Öhr.

Naturum visitor centre

There is a Visitor Centre naturum at Aspnäset, open during the summer months, where you can learn more about the Baltic Sea and the nature, environment and cultural history of the archipelago. There are various exhibitions, and the centre arranges guided tours and other activities.

Welcome to naturum

Overnight stays

Overnight stays are forbidden in the area marked on the map below. You may moor and stay the night on board your boat for a maximum of 48 hours within the reserve. If you wish to spend the night in another way you may do so outside the prohibited area marked on the map, also for a maximum of 48 hours.


Overnight stays are prohibited in the area marked with a red line.


The following is prohibited within the nature reserve:

  • Destroying or damaging natural objects or surface formations by drilling, carving, blasting or painting
  • Using musical instruments, music systems or similar in a disturbing manner
  • Disturbing wildlife by e.g. climbing in nest-trees, or killing mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians
  • Bringing dogs or other pets unless on a lead or in a cage
  • Lighting open fires other than in specific, signed places
  • Breaking branches, felling or in any other way harming trees or bushes, alive or dead, or otherwise damaging vegetation by digging up plants such as shrubs, herbs, mosses and lichens
  • Anchoring a boat off the same beach for more than 48 consecutive hours
  • Pitching a tent in the same place for more than 48 hours (but please note that no camping is permitted on the mainland and islands north of the inner archipelago fairway of Stendörren Nature Reserve)
  • Organising competitions or group camps
  • Travelling by, parking or pitching a caravan/camper
  • Landing any aircraft
  • Travelling by any motorised land vehicle or hydrocopter (motorised vehicles are permitted on designated roads)
  • Emptying waste water, oil or any other chemical substance that may harm the natural environment

Moreover, the following is prohibited without the express permission of the County Administrative Board:

  • Selling or conducting any other business for commercial purposes
  • Conducting scientific research that may lead to damage or other adverse impact on flora and fauna


County Administrative Board of Södermanland County

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