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Transport of animals

When animals are transported, they must be transported in a safe manner and the animals must not be subjected to injury or suffering during transport. The County Administrative Board checks animal transport and inspects transport vehicles with regard to animal welfare legislation.

Basic provisions on how live animals are to be transported are contained in the EU acquis, the Animal Welfare Act and the Animal Welfare Ordinance. More detailed provisions can be found in the Board of Agriculture’s regulations and general advice.

Animals, Swedish Board of Agriculture (in Swedish) External link.

The legislation regulates the design of the transport vehicle, temperature requirements, which animals may be transported, how long they may be transported for, how often and for how long they are allowed to rest, among other things.

Transport of animals as part of an economic activity

All persons transporting animals as part of an economic activity within the EU must have a carrier’s licence issued by an authority in their country of origin. In Sweden, the Swedish Board of Agriculture issues a carrier’s licence.

In addition to a carrier’s licence, you may need to apply for a licence to the Swedish Transport Agency for professional transport as part of an economic activity.

Apply for a professional transport licence, Swedish Transport Agency (in Swedish) External link.

Apply for registration in order to obtain a carrier’s licence

Applications for registration in order to obtain a carrier’s licence are made via the online portal at the Board of Agriculture. Carriers can be both legal persons (companies) or natural persons.

Online portal for the carrier’s licence

Register in order to obtain a carrier’s licence in the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s online portal External link.

Fees for the inspection of transport vehicles

In addition to registration as a carrier, the vehicle used must be inspected and approved by the County Administrative Board. A fee is charged for the inspection of vehicles:

  • for containers (which can be moved between different vehicles), the charge is SEK 1 000;
  • for light goods vehicles, passenger cars and trailers which are intended to be towed by a light lorry or a passenger car, the charge is SEK 1 500;
  • for heavy goods vehicles and trailers to be towed by heavy goods vehicles, the charge is SEK 3 000.

Skill requirements for drivers

If horses or farm animals are being transported, the driver must also have attended a training course and obtained a certificate of competence. If the driver cannot take care of the animals himself/herself, another keeper holding a certificate of competence must accompany the transport.

Whilst in transit, the carrier’s licence, vehicle authorisation and certificate of competence for the drivers and other animal keepers must always be kept in the vehicle and must be presented when required. Furthermore, in the event of transport lasting more than 8 hours, additional documents are required.

Transport checks

The County Administrative Board carries out checks on the transport of animals. All types of animal transport may be subject to checks, ranging from individual dogs in a car to large slaughter transports.


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