• Eldningsförbud utfärdat i Stockholms län

    Länsstyrelsen har beslutat att det råder eldningsförbud i hela Stockholms län från och med klockan 18:00 den 11 maj 2023. Förbudet gäller tillsvidare. There is a fire ban in Stockholm County from 6 pm on May 11 2023, which will apply until further notice.

Current warning messages in Stockholm CountyRight now, there are several warning messages in the county. Read more about them on SMHI's website.

Gender equality

Are you working in an organisation and want gender equality in your operations? You can receive advice from us in your efforts. We work to promote and implement gender equality throughout the county.

Gender equality means that women and men have the same opportunities to form the society and their own lives. Gender equality is created when decisions are made, resources are allocated and standards are set. Therefore, perspectives on gender equality must be included in all daily work operations.

An Equal County

We have an assignment to support regional actors in their efforts to make their operations equal. Gender mainstreaming is the main strategy used to meet the objectives. This strategy has evolved to counteract the tendency for equality issues to be obscured, or pushed aside, in daily operations and activities.

We also work to

  • ensure that national objectives regarding gender equality are implemented in the County
  • map and follow-up on the development of gender equality in the County
  • create knowledge and data, such as gender statistics, for gender equality efforts.

Gender equality policy objectives

We base our work on the Government’s national gender equality policy. The objective is that women and men shall have the same power to shape the society and their own lives.

An even distribution of power and influence

Women and men shall have the same right and opportunity to actively practice their citizenship and shape the conditions for decision making.

Economic equality

Women and men shall have the same opportunities in terms of paid work that provides economic independence for life.

Equal education

Women and men, girls and boys, shall have the same opportunities and conditions in terms of education, choice of studies and personal development.

An even distribution of unpaid home and care work

Women and men shall share the responsibility for the work at home evenly and have the opportunity to give and receive care on equal terms.

Equal health

Women and men, boys and girls, shall have the same opportunities to a good health as well as being offered health care and care on equal terms.

Men’s violence against women shall end

Women and men, girls and boys, shall have the same right and opportunity to a bodily identity.


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