• Eldningsförbud utfärdat i Stockholms län

    Länsstyrelsen har beslutat att det råder eldningsförbud i hela Stockholms län från och med klockan 18:00 den 11 maj 2023. Förbudet gäller tillsvidare. There is a fire ban in Stockholm County from 6 pm on May 11 2023, which will apply until further notice.

Forest fire in Stockholm CountyRead more on SMHI's website about the current announcement.

Cultural conservation environments

Buildings, environments and ancient monuments of cultural historical value are sources of experiencing and gaining knowledge about our county. The County Administrative Board decides on both permits to make changes to cultural conservation environments and grants to nurture and preserve them. We also distribute archaeological assignments to companies.

If you are planning a project that risks affecting or ruining an ancient monument, you must apply for a permit from the County Administrative Board.

Please, contact us if you discover an ancient find or encounter a damaged ancient monument.

Are you working with cultural conservation environments?

The one nurturing a cultural conservation environment in order to preserve it for the future, or to make it more accessible and useful for people, can apply for grants from the County Administrative Board.


The County Administrative Board can protect a building, or environment of cultural historical value, by declaring it a landmark. Those who plan to make changes to a landmark must apply for a permit from the County Administrative Board. We also allocate grants for nurturing and preserving landmarks.

Church landmarks

Many of Sweden’s churches, church sites, cemeteries and church fixtures are protected under the Heritage Conservation Act. This also applies to churches that was sold by the Swedish Church. To make a change to a church landmark often requires a permit from the County Administrative Board. We also offer advice on maintenance plans.

Metal detectors

According to the Heritage Conservation Act you are not allowed to use a metal detector without a permit from the County Administrative Board.


County Administrative Board of Stockholm

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