• Koka vattnet – förorenat dricksvatten inom Visby vattenledningsområde

    Det kommunala dricksvattnet i Visby, Vibble, Västerhejde, Själsö, Brissund, Väskinde, Tofta, Västergarn och Eskelhem är förorenat av bakterien Clostridium. Region Gotland uppmanar alla med kommunalt dricksvatten i området att koka allt vatten innan man dricker det eller använder det till matlagning. Senaste nytt om händelseutvecklingen hittar du på www.gotland.se/kokavattnet

Planning and building

Each municipality is responsible for ensuring that the planning of its land and water areas takes nature, culture, the environment and climate into consideration. The role of the County Administrative Board is to coordinate various public interests and the interests of government authorities, and to ensure that national objectives impact the actions of the county.

According to the Planning and Building Act, the municipalities are responsible for planning their use of land and water. The purpose of the Planning and Building Act is to contribute to the development of a society with equal and good social living conditions and a good and long-term sustainable living environment – both for the people of today's society and for future generations. The freedom of the individual should be respected to the greatest possible extent.


Land and water areas should be used for the purposes to which they are best suited, taking into account the character and location of the areas in question, as well as the needs of the community. The areas should primarily be used and managed in a manner that benefits the public.

Areas should be planned in a manner that takes nature, culture, the environment and climate into consideration. Municipal and regional conditions must also be considered.

The planning should promote:

  • The appropriate structure and aesthetically pleasing design of buildings, green areas and communication routes.
  • A good living environment that is accessible and useful to all social groups.
  • The long-term, good management of land, water, energy and raw materials, as well as good environmental conditions in general.
  • Good economic growth and effective competition.
  • Housing construction and the development of the housing stock.

The role of the County Administrative Board

The County Administrative Board works to ensure that national objectives impact the actions of the county, while also taking regional circumstances and conditions into account. We work across sectors from a government-wide perspective, and coordinate various social interests and the efforts of government authorities.


County Administrative Board of Gotland County

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