Current weather warnings inDalarnas länRight now there are several weather warnings in the county. Read more about them on SMHI's website.

Drought and fire hazard

The hot weather has led to drought in Dalarna, resulting in a high risk of forest and ground fires. Read more about our support to agriculture and what you need to consider to avoid causing fires.

Fire ban ("eldningsförbud")

When there is a fire ban, you are not allowed to burn solid combustible materials in forests and other outdoor areas. However, you are allowed to grill on your own garden plot (using a BBQ grill or the like) and at designated grilling areas.

Stringent fire ban ("skärpt eldningsförbud")

If there is a stringent fire ban, grilling at designated grilling areas in public places is also prohibited. Grilling on your own garden plot is usually permitted.

Always find out what the rules are where you live. The easiest way to do this is to contact rescue services in your municipality.

Feed shortage

The current drought has caused and will continue to create prolonged feed shortages for animals. To address the drought, the County Administrative Board in Dalarna County has made a decision for the entire county that, among other things, allows for fodder harvesting on fallow land, which is land that is typically resting from production.

Pasture sharing

Are you looking for land for grazing or harvesting, or do you have land that can be made available?

The pasture sharing works like this:

As an animal or land owner, you express your interest and provide information about your animals or land through the County Administrative Board's web form.

Animal and land owners then contact each other to agree on a collaboration.

For more information about pasture sharing, contact:
Telephone: 010 255 00 00


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