Animal care

The County Administrative Board is responsible for animal welfare inspections at the regional and local level. If you suspect that an animal is being improperly cared for, please contact us.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture has overall responsibility for maintaining and developing animal welfare in Sweden. Its mission includes coordinating and guiding the animal welfare work of the county administrative boards. The operational animal welfare inspections at the regional and local level are carried out by the County Administrative Board. We carry out animal welfare inspections, feed and food inspections, and inspections of veterinary personnel. The aim of our animal welfare work is to ensure the wellbeing of animals and compliance with the Animal Welfare Act.

Information about various species and how to care for animals may be found on the website of the Swedish Board of Agriculture External link.

Report deficiencies in animal care

If you suspect that animals are being neglected or mistreated, please contact the County Administrative Board. If you wish, you can file an anonymous report. If the situation is acute and we cannot be reached, please contact the police.

Animal welfare inspections

The County Administrative Board conducts animal welfare inspections throughout the county. The purpose of these inspections is to ensure compliance with animal welfare legislation. We carry out both preventive inspections (mainly relating to animals used in agriculture), but also conduct inspections when we receive a report of mistreatment by private individuals.


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