Animals in business contexts

The County Administrative Board works preventively to ensure the wellbeing of animals. If you wish to show an animal in public, it is to us that you must apply for a permit. You also apply for a veterinarian for a public competition.

Animal health personnel

We are responsible for supervision of animal health personnel in the county. We provide them with support and guidance and ensure that they comply with current laws and regulations.

Apply for a veterinarian for competitions

Many public competitions with animals require there to be a competition veterinary surgeon on site. You apply for a veterinary surgeon to the County Administrative Board, and then the person is employed by the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

Displaying animals in public

If you operate a premises where animals are displayed to the general public, you need to apply for authorisation from the County Administrative Board. Animals used as attractions or decorations in shops, restaurants or similar activities are also covered by these rules.

Infectious disease control and animal health

Do you suspect that an animal you own or care for has contracted a serious illness? If so, you are obliged to immediately report your concern to a veterinarian, in order to reduce the risk of infection and facilitate the control of the disease.

Permit for pets and horses

Do you wish to have many pets or horses or carry on an activity involving animals? In that case, you may need to apply for a permit from the County Administrative Board.

Selling, displaying and handling wild plants and animals

Do you wish to help conserve animals and plants, trade in live animals and plants or display wildlife in a zoo? To do so, you will need to apply for permission from the County Administrative Board.

Transport of animals

When animals are transported, they must be transported in a safe manner and the animals must not be subjected to injury or suffering during transport. The County Administrative Board checks animal transport and inspects transport vehicles with regard to animal welfare legislation.


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