Scattering ashes

Would you like to scatter ashes somewhere other than a graveyard? To do so, you will need to apply for permission from the County Administrative Board.

If you would like to scatter the ashes of a deceased person in a place other than a graveyard, you will need to apply for permission from the County Administrative Board. We can only give permission to scatter ashes once the person in question has died. You cannot apply for permission in advance. It is free to apply.

You are not allowed to keep the urn at home whilst waiting to scatter the ashes. The urn must be stored in the crematorium or by the local parish responsible for burials. In Stockholm, the municipality is responsible for all burial matters.

Scatter ashes over water

Ashes should always be scattered in a respectful manner. A water biodegradable urn that immediately starts to dissolve in contact with water can be used if ashes are to be scattered over water. A solid urn is never allowed to be lowered into water.

“Scattered” is interpreted by the County Administrative Board as something appropriate and considers a biodegradable urn that dissolves in water to be a respectful and ethical way to scatter ashes. However, it is not a requirement to use a biodegradable urn to scatter ashes over water.

Request deferment for later cremation

A deceased person must be cremated within a month from their time of death. If it is not possible to arrange cremation within that timeframe, a relative, someone close to the deceased or other person who is arranging the burial may request deferment for later cremation with the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket).

Request deferment for scattering ashes later after cremation

In Sweden, a deceased person who has been cremated must be buried within a year. If it is not possible to arrange the scattering of ashes within that timeframe, a relative, close family or other person who is arranging the funeral may request deferment by contacting the head of the funeral business or the owner of the crematorium that stores the ashes. Such deferments can be approved during special circumstances.

How do I apply to scatter ashes?

The application must be made by the person organising the burial. For example, this can be a relative, another close person or an official.

Before you apply, you must check whether a relative or close person of the deceased objects to the ashes being scattered at the place you wish to apply for.

Apply for a permit to scatter ashes