Marriage officiant

Do you need a marriage officiant? The County Administrative Board appoints civil marriage officiants and has a list of people who are marriage officiants in the county's municipalities.

The County Administrative Board appoints the number of marriage officiants needed in the county's municipalities. We usually appoint a marriage officiant when we receive a proposal from the municipality.

Do you need a marriage officiant?

The County Administrative Board has a list of people who are appointed marriage officiants in each county. You contract the marriage officiant to reserve a date for a wedding ceremony. In some municipalities you can also book a date with the municipality.

Please contact The County Administrative Board for a list of marriage officiants.

Becoming a marriage officiant

The demand for marriage officiants always controls how many are appointed. The County Administrative Board is very restrictive in appointing wedding officiants for occasional occasions. Special reasons are required for this.

The County Administrative Board verifies whether you have the knowledge and qualifications required to become a marriage officiant. The authorisation to act as a marriage officiant is valid throughout Sweden. The marriage officiant must be able to perform wedding during their entire appointment.

The appointment can be time limited. It is the appointed person’s responsibility to ensure that their appointment is valid when they marry couples. The County Administrative Board do not send out reminders regarding possible renewals.

Payment for marriage officiants

The office of civil marriage officiant is an honorary one. As a marriage officiant you are not entitled to charge a fee from the bridal couple. The county administrative board will pay you SEK 110 for one wedding and then a further SEK 30 per wedding for several weddings on the same day.

Travel expenses for marriage officiants

The County Administrative Board does not pay any travel expenses. However, as a marriage officiant you may request payment from the bridal couple if the wedding ceremony is held at a different location from that offered by the municipality. You may not charge any payment from the couple which is greater than the actual travel costs.

The Marriage Code External link.