Chief guardians

A chief guardian supervises guardians, custodians, and trustees. If you have any comments or complaints regarding a chief guardian, please contact us at the County Administrative Board. If you have an assignment as chief guardian, you can contact us for advice and support.

All municipalities have a chief guardian and a guardian committee supervising guardians, custodians and trustees. In turn, the County Administrative Board supervise the chief guardians and carry out inspections on a regular basis. At the inspections we review if the chef guardian’s proceedings comply with laws and regulations and are carried out in a legally secure and appropriate manner.

We may also review a chief guardian after, for example, receiving a complaint.

Complaints or comments

To file complaints or comments on a chief guardian, you may call, e-mail or send a letter to the County Administrative Board.

If you have comments on a guardian, custodian, or trustee, please contact the municipality’s chief guardian. We do not supervise guardians, custodians or trustees.

Advice and support for chief guardians

The County Administrative Board offer advice and support to chief guardians in their assignments. If you are a civil servant, chief guardian or a member of a guardian committee, you are welcome to contact us.