Elections to the Riksdag, municipality, region, EU and the Sami Parliament

During elections, the County Administrative Board is, among other things, responsible for dividing the county into constituencies and electoral districts, issuing new voting cards, and reporting the voting results to the Swedish Election Authority.

The County Administrative Board is a regional election authority, which means that we are responsible for planning and conducting general elections, elections to the European Parliament and national referendums.

Before the election

We divide the county into constituencies and electoral districts before each election. If your voting card is wrong, we decide whether to issue a new voting card and change the voter register, which is the list over who is allowed to vote. The voter register’s purpose is to make sure that people are unable to vote more than once, and the list is therefore used to check which people have voted at that voting station. The County Administrative board can also issue a new voting card if you have lost yours.

We also receive orders for ballots, and the registration of candidates who are to be stated on the parties’ ballots during elections to the Riksdag, municipality and region.

Depending on if an EU citizen wants to vote in Sweden or another EU country, the County Administrative Board is responsible for adding or removing them from the voter register during European Parliament elections.

Directly after the election

We make the final count of votes after the election. This entails that we:

  • re-count the election night’s results,
  • review invalid votes,
  • allocate votes to different ballot types,
  • count personal votes,
  • appoint members and substitutes to regional and municipal councils.

The counting of votes is a public procedure. This means that anyone can come and watch when the County Administrative Board counts the votes. The final result is then available for viewing at the Election Authority.

In between the elections

We appoint successors in between elections for members and substitutes in the regional and municipal councils that retire during that term of office. These decisions can be appealed against.

We also train the municipal election committees before the elections and give them advice and help. We do this to ensure that all elections can be carried out safely and in accordance with the law.

The County Administrative Board can also conduct extra elections and referendums at short notice if the Riksdag decides to do so.