Planning, building and living

The role of the County Administrative Board is to coordinate and make use of state interests in societal planning. We do this by reviewing plans, participating in consultations, and providing data for the municipality's housing planning, among other things. We also provide advice and support for the supervisory work within the building board and manage grants for building and renovating housing.

Residence grants

Apply for grants as a private person to make your house more energy efficient, or to build or renovate homes as an organization.

Plan areas

The County Administrative Board is involved in the municipality's processes for drawing up detailed plans, overview plans and area regulations. Our role is to protect public and state interests. We do this by reviewing plans and participating in consultations, among other things.

Foundation for planning and building

The County Administrative Board coordinates the planning foundation that authorities use to plan municipalities. We do this to ensure that public and state interests are taken care of during the planning process. We also give advice and support for the supervisory work within the building committee.

Green infrastructure

We need to work with green infrastructure to create long-term, sustainable landscapes with biodiversity. The County Administrative Board works to ensure that the actors in the counties work together for a longterm, sustainable outlook in the landscape, and that there are regional plans of action for the work.

Supervisory guidance for the building committee

The County Administrative Board gives building committees advice and support and provide a knowledge base for the supervision. We also follow up and assess the committee’s supervisory work.

Community associations

Are you a member of a community association? The County Administrative Board helps if your association are unable to decide on a general meeting or if a custodian is needed in the association. The County Administrative Board also receive applications for consent to dissolve a community association.

Appeal a decision made by a municipality

Do you want to appeal a municipal decision under the Planning and Building Act, PBL, or the Swedish Evironmental Code? Does it for example regard a decision regarding a building permit, waste management or noise or pollution? You can appeal the decision to your municipality within three weeks. The County Administrative Board will then handle the case.

Appeal decisions made by the municipality

Hand over a municipal decision

When a municipal decision has been appealed, the municipality must hand it over to the County Administrative Board. The decision can be handed over via our e-service.


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