Combat sports

You need a permit from The Combat Sports Delegation in order to arrange combat sports matches in Sweden. You are required to have a permit for competitions, training matches and exhibition matches. This applies to matches that allow the competitors to hit the opponents head with violence.

If you want to arrange a type of combat sport within an association that already have a permit for a specific time period or until further notice, you need to apply to that association instead. This is called applying for sanction.

Apply for combat sports permit

There are two different types of combat sports permits. You can either apply for a permit to arrange a specific number of matches. The other permit is valid during a specific time or until further notice.

Permit to arrange one or several combat sports matches

You have to apply for the permit two months before the arrangement. You always need to apply if you are going to arrange one or more matches. This applies to both public or separate matches.

Associations, combat sports associations and organizations responsible for combat sports can apply for a permit to arrange one or several combat sports matches.

Permit to arrange one or several combat sports matches

Permit to arrange matches for a specified time period or until further notice

You need to apply for a permit three months before you need it to be valid from. Only associations and combat sports organizations can apply for permits for a specific time period or until further notice. This applies to both public or separate matches.

Permit to arrange matches for a specified time period or until further notice

Submit self-inspection

If you have a permit, you must in certain cases submit an account of the self-inspection of your business. It is stated in your decision whether you need to submit a self-inspection.

Send your self-inspection to

Other permits and submissions you may need

Combat sports competitions and shows count as public events. If you are organizing combat sports matches, you must apply for a permit to arrange public events. This application is made with The Swedish Police

Ansök om tillstånd för offentlig tillställning, polisen External link.

If the combat sports match you are arranging is in a non-public place, you only need to report it to The Swedish Police.

Anmäl om idrottsarrangemang som inte är offentlig, polisen External link.

How we process combat sports permits

The work process regarding the combat sports permits is shared between the County Administrative Board in Örebro and The Combat Sports Delegation. Please contact the County Administrative Board in Örebro regarding any questions for the Delegation of combat sports.

What do the County Administrative Board in Örebro do?

  • Receive and handle applications and reports.
  • Supervise combat sports matches.
  • File police reports when suspecting crimes against the combat sports law.
  • Give the Delegation of combat sports suggestions on decisions.
  • Are in contact with the public and media.

Vad do The Combat Sports Delegation do?

  • Make decisions about permits.
  • Announce warnings.
  • Revoke permissions, in whole or in part.

The Combat Sports Delegation consists of

  • a president, as well as a substitue
  • a medical expert, as well as a substitute
  • an expert in sports, as well as a substitute.

The table describes which role the person hold in The Combat Sports Delegation, their name, the organisation that has selected that person to be a part of the delegation, and which professional background the person has that makes them suitable to be a part of the delegation.



Selected by



Christian Groth

The Government

Senior Judge of Appeal, Administrative court of appeal Stockholm

Subsitute for the president

Anne Sjöblom

The Government

Public prosecutor, Public prosecution office in Uppsala

Medical expert

Albert Hietala

The County Administrative Board

Neurology specialist at the Neurology Clinic at Karolinska University Hospital

Substitute for the medical expert

Jan Lexell

The County Administrative Board

Senior physician for Neurology and Rehabilitation medicin at Skåne University Hospital and professor in rehabilitation medicin at Lund University.

Expert in sports

Michael Sjölin

The County Administrative Board

National and international judge in Kickboxning and Wushu.

Substitute for the expert in sports

Tomas Eriksson

President for the International Floorball Federation and member of the The Swedish Sports Confederation.

The combat sports associations' responsibilities

If you have a general permit, you are responsible for the organizers bound to you and that they follow the rules of the competition and safety routines during their games.

Illegal combat sports matches

It is punishable to arrange combat sports matches without a permit.

You can be sentenced to fines or maximum two years in prison for stating incorrect information in your application. You can also be fined during this type of match if you are a participant, financially supporting the match, renting the premises or are the referee or second in command. The same applies to the person who, in the capacity of manager, enters into an agreement regarding the organization of a combat sports match lacking a permit.

The County Administrative Board can file a police report if we discover illegal matches.

Combat sports according to the law

According to the law, combat sports allow its participants to intentionally hit the opponents head with punches, kicks or other violence. Other violence can be, for example, that the participants are allowed to headbutt or knee the opponent or hit the opponent with some kind of equipment.

A characteristic of combat sports is that the matches consist of fighting elements, and that it is permitted to hit any part of the opponent's body with kicks or punches, with or without equipment. A combat sports match is considered to allow hits to the head both when full contact hits and hits with limited force to the head are allowed.