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Energy and climate

The County Administrative Board leads the regional work with energy transition and the reduction of climate impact. We coordinate these efforts and provide industry actors, municipalities and authorities with support relating to these issues. which include regional energy and climate strategy, financial support and arenas for collaboration and knowledge.

In order for us to achieve specific energy and climate goals, industry actors, municipalities and authorities must work together. The County Administrative Board coordinates regional efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, speed up energy streamlining and increase the proportion of renewable energy.

What does the County Administrative Board do?

  • We are responsible for working with other actors to develop regional energy and climate strategies based on the energy and climate goals adopted by the Swedish Parliament.
  • We work to disseminate knowledge, provide inspiration and distribute financial support, with the aim of contributing to the achievement of these goals.
  • We work to make energy and climate issues an integral part of all business and policy areas.


The National Emissions Database contains national and regional statistics on greenhouse gas emissions, which can be used for planning and monitoring purposes.

The National Emissions Database External link.


County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland

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