Futur Västernorrland regional county development strategy 2011-2020

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Löpnummer: Saknas

Diarienummer: Saknas

ISBN/ISSN-nr: Saknas

Publiceringsår: 2011

Sidantal: 40

Publikationstyp: Rapport

The development strategy has been developed over approximately two years by a wide circle of parties within the county, for example through a long series of seminars, conferences and the synchronisation of partnerships and on-going efforts by a work group representing the municipalities, the County Council and the County Administrative Board.

In the autumn of 2011, after being circulated for comment, the strategy was approved by the strategic regional collaboration forum, “Länspartnerskapet” (the County Partnership), and established by the County Administrative Board in its capacity as the regional authority responsible for regional development.

This publication is the main document for the RUS. Additionally, summarised texts of this publication have been produced in the form of an abridged version and a version for the general public. There is an additional, more extensive analysis report and summary of comments submitted on the proposal (approx. 30 comments).

The realisation of this strategy shall be channelled by means of various regional sectorial programmes, through municipal and state monitoring and development programmes and in addition through a wide spectrum of initiatives from a number of interested operators, both within and outside of the county.