Heritage sites and ancient finds

The County Administrative Board is responsible for heritage sites and ancient finds in the county. Please contact us if you, for example, discover damage to a heritage site or an ancient find, have found an ancient find, or are planning a project close to a heritage site.

The County Administrative Board ensures that heritage sites and ancient finds in the county are preserved, and that no harm are done to them. All heritage sites and ancient finds have an automatic protection under the Heritage Conservation Act (1988:950)external link. The protection under the act applies to sites and finds we already know about as well as to sites and finds that are yet to be discovered.

Contact the County Administrative Board if you:

  • plan a project that risks affecting ancient finds
  • discover an ancient find
  • plan to use a metal detector
  • discover damage to ancient finds
  • need advice on how to protect and manage heritage sites or ancient finds

Permit for interventions in or at an ancient find

You need a permit from the County Administrative Board to carry out work that risks affecting ancient finds.

Examples of interventions that require a permit:

  • build a house
  • construct a road
  • installing underground cables
  • planting and landscaping

Our starting point is to preserve ancient finds, so you should primarily plan the project so that you avoid affecting them.

What does the Heritage Conservation Act say about heritage sites?

The Heritage Conservation Act says that you require a permit from the County Administrative Board to carry out the following interventions in or at an ancient find:

  • dislocate
  • remove
  • excavate
  • cover
  • change
  • harm

Please, keep in mind that the land area around the ancient find also is protected. If you are unsure of the size of the protected area, contact the County Administrative Board. Even a newly discovered ancient find has an immediate protection.

Are you going to fell or work with soil scarification in the forest?

Cultural conservation environments in the forest may be damaged in connection with felling and soil scarification. You should always consult the County Administrative Board before burning, taking measures on an existing road, ash recycling and fertilising. You need a permit for:

  • soil scarification
  • planting
  • new road construction
  • protective ditching
  • stump harvesting

Did you notify a final felling to the Swedish Forestry Agency?

The County Administrative Board permits reforestation measures. If you have notified a final felling of forest that affects an ancient find or the area around the ancient find, the Swedish Forest Agency will hand over the case to the County Administrative Board. In that case you do not have to submit an application to us.

Apply for a permit

Fill in the form to apply for a permit to intervene in or at an ancient find. Send your application to us in good time before you plan to start working.

What needs to be included in the application?

  • what work you plan to carry out
  • the size of the affected land area (for example: 10 x 20 meters in size and 1,0 meter deep)
  • who owns the property
  • property unit designation

You are also required to attach an overview map as well as a detailed map that shows the affected land area. You can use the County Administrative Board’s Map Service.