The County Administrative board plans and participates in regional integration efforts, and may grant financial contributions to municipalities.

The County Administrative Board participates in the planning, organisation, carry out and follow-up of integration efforts. The work is carried out at national, regional and local levels in cooperation with municipalities, government agencies, businesses, organisations and associations.

The Swedish Migration Agency, Arbetsförmedlingen, the County Administrative Boards and the municipalities share the responsibility for the settlement of newly arrived persons.

Reception of unaccompanied children

Every year, children arrive in Sweden to seek asylum. Most of them are accompanied by their parents, but there are also those who arrive without a parent or other guardian. These children and adolescents are included in the term unaccompanied. The County Administrative Board coordinates the reception of unaccompanied children with a focus on developing regional collaboration. We also work to promote the municipalities’ preparedness and capacity to receive unaccompanied children.

Early efforts for asylum seeking persons

Early efforts are activities aiming at adults seeking asylum, or have a residence permit, but still stay at one of the Swedish Migration Agency’s accommodations while waiting for their settlement assignment. The purpose of the efforts is to counteract inaction during the asylum process, and to promote a faster integration of the participants in Swedish society. The County Administrative Boards have an assignment to strengthen the regional collaboration between municipalities, government agencies, organizations in the civil society and other relevant actors.

Social orientation

Social orientation aims at facilitating the establishment and participation of newly arrived persons in Swedish society. Information should be provided as early as possible after arrival in the municipality.

Apply for grants

To strengthen integration in the County, municipalities can apply for grants for efforts aiming at facilitating the establishment of newly arrived persons, asylum seeking persons and unaccompanied children.

Preparedness and reception capacity

Municipalities can apply for grants to create preparedness and an adequate reception capacity for newly arrived persons and unaccompanied children. The grants can, among other things, be used for efforts relating to housing and settlement.

Refugee guides and family connections

Municipalities can apply for grants to strengthen and develop their work with refugee guides and family connections. The grants can, among other things, be used for creating networks and support language learning.

Activities for asylum seeking persons

Municipalities and civil society organisations can apply for grants for activities aiming at asylum seeking persons. The purpose is to facilitate establishment and create a meaningful wait during the asylum process. The efforts should promote health, deepen the knowledge of the Swedish language, and/or deepen the knowledge of the Swedish society and the Swedish labor market.