Assessment of environmentally hazardous activities

An assessment of environmentally hazardous activities always begins with a consultation with, among others, the County Administrative Board. You must then submit an application for development consent together with an environmental impact assessment. Once the case is complete, the application is announced and sent for consultation. The decision on development consent is taken by the Environmental Impact Assessment Delegation.

The assessment of applications for permits for environmentally hazardous activities is dealt with by the County Administrative Board. Administrators in the County Administrative Board work on the case at different stages and decisions are then taken by the Environmental Impact Assessment Delegation (Miljöprövningsdelegationen).

The Environmental Impact Assessment Delegation is an independent part of the County Administrative Board and consists of a chairman who is a lawyer and an environmental expert. Environmental Impact Assessment Delegations are based at 12 county administrative boards and take decisions on, among other things:

  • permits for environmentally hazardous activities;
  • modifications of permits or conditions.


When applying for a permit for environmentally hazardous activities, the process always begins with a consultation. The County Administrative Board is consulted in the county where the activity is located or planned, but also in conjunction with other authorities, neighbours and other interested parties.

The comments received from the consultation will form part of the supporting documents for the application and the environmental impact statement. This consultation is the responsibility of applicants. A well-conducted consultation improves the conditions for the completeness of the application and the environmental impact assessment at the time of submission. This results in more efficient processing and reduced processing times.

Application and environmental impact assessment

At the end of the consultation, you must submit the application and the environmental impact assessment to the Environmental Impact Assessment Delegation.

Please do not hesitate to submit your application digitally by email or by any other means agreed between you and the case officer. You must also submit several copies in paper format. Check with the case office with whom you are in contact on how many you will need to submit.

An application must contain, among other things:

  • claims, commitments and proposals for safeguards;
  • proposed monitoring and checks on activities;
  • technical description including drawings, production output, information on the conditions on site;
  • data on energy use, emission sources, amount of foreseeable emissions and proposed measures for waste prevention;
  • environmental impact assessment and consultation report.


Once the application has been received, it will be sent to a ‘supplementary round’. We do this so that interested parties can review whether they consider the application to be complete. If the application is not complete, you will be informed by the Environmental Impact Assessment Delegation on how to complete it. These documents are in the public domain.

Notification of the application

Once the Environmental Impact Assessment Delegation considers the case to be complete, the application is published in the local newspaper and on the County Administrative Board’s website. The case is also sent for consultation. The costs of the announcement are borne by the applicant.


A decision on the matter is taken by the Environmental Impact Assessment Delegation. The decision may be appealed to the Land and Environment Court. The Court decides whether you are affected by the decision and whether you have the right to appeal.


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