• Eldningsförbud i hela Uppsala län

    Länsstyrelsen har i samråd med länets räddningstjänster beslutat att eldningsförbud gäller i hela Uppsala län, från torsdagen den 11 maj 2023 klockan 15.00. Förbudet gäller tillsvidare. The County Administrative Board has decided on a fire ban in Uppsala county, from 3 pm on May 11th 2023, valid until further notice.

Forest fire in Uppsala CountyRead more on SMHI's website about the current announcement.

Animal welfare

The County Administrative Board is responsible for animal welfare inspections at regional and local level. Please contact us if you suspect that an animal is being mistreated.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture has the overall responsibility for maintaining and developing animal welfare in Sweden. Their mission includes coordinating and guiding the County Administrative Board’s work. The operational animal welfare inspection at regional and local level is carried out by the County Administrative Board. We perform animal welfare inspections, feed- and food inspections, and inspections of animal health staff. The aim of our animal welfare work is to ensure compliance with the Animal Welfare Act External link. (2018:1192) and ensure that the animals have a comfortable life.

About animals on the Swedish Board of Agriculture's web site External link.

Are you suspecting that an animal is being mistreated?

If you suspect that an animal is being neglected or mistreated, please contact the County Administrative Board. If you wish, you may submit an anonymous report. If the situation is urgent and you cannot get in touch with us, please contact the Police instead.

Note: If you provide us with your contact details, your report will not be anonymous. All mails and e-mails received by the County Administrative Board will become official documents. You are not anonymous if your name, phone number or postal address is included in your e-mail address or elsewhere in the message.

If you have animals

The County Administrative Board carry out animal welfare inspections throughout the county and the inspections are aiming to ensure compliance to the animal welfare laws. We perform both preventive checks on farm animals in particular, but also carry out inspections when we receive a notification of animal abuse at the hand of private individuals.

If you want to work with animals

Sometimes you need a permit from The County Administrative Board, for example if you want to keep many dogs or horses. You also need a permit if you have a business involving animals. This is a permit under the Animal Welfare Act §16 and the application is submitted to the County Administrative Board. The application is, in the first hand, to be submitted electronically via The County Administrative Board’s E-service.


County Administrative Board of Uppsala

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