The world's most innovation-driven economy – Action programme for the Stockholm region

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ISBN/ISSN-nr: 978-91-7281-584-1

Publiceringsår: 2014

Sidantal: 8

Publikationstyp: Strategi

The vision of Stockholm region is to exploit its current position of strength to become the world’s most innovation-driven economy by 2025.

This position is defined by:
- Stockholm being open and multicultural – an open stage for different lifestyles and ways of living and thinking.
- Stockholm being creative, having innovative ideas and creating an open climate in which such ideas can flourish.
- Stockholm being attractive in global terms to businesses and individuals, and it being one of the world’s most advanced markets, with fresh ideas and trend creation as key features.
- Stockholm leading the way by taking responsibility for building a society that is sustainable in the long term and economically stable, and making an active contribution to solving global problems.
- Stockholm growing sustainably, as future growth is generated in a way that does not jeopardise the next generation’s opportunities for a good life.

Innovationskraft Sthlm is a broad collaboration to improve the innovative ability of the Stockholm region. The aim is to gather together and coordinate initiatives that influence the innovative ability of the region, and to bring together the central actors in the region under a common innovation strategy.

Behind Innovationskraft Sthlm – and the Stockholm region’s innovation strategy – are Stockholm County Administrative Board in collaboration with Karolinska Institute, Stockholm County Association of Local Authorities, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Business Region, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Stockholm County Council, City of Stockholm and Stockholm University.