Business Development Grants for Internationalisation or Digitisation

A business development grant could make it easier for your business to reach new international markets faster or to better use digital tools. You can register your expression of interest here.

Business development grants are for small enterprises wanting to

  • expand into a new, international market or to further expand their international market
  • increase the maturity in their use of digital tools and systems.

The grant is intended to contribute to the sustainable growth and competitiveness of your business.

Who can apply?

Does your company have

  • its headquarters in Stockholm county? (the majority of your costs must arise here)
  • 2-49 employees?
  • annual sales of at least SEK 3 million? (Refers to your most recent annual accounts).
  • a stable economy? (We will perform an examination of your credit)
  • an existing product/service that you want to internationalise, digitise or digitally optimise?
  • a need to hire external expertise for your internationalisation or digitisation?

If you answered Yes to these questions, you are welcome to send in an expression of interest.

What to learn more?

Shortly, we will publish a powerpoint in English with all relevant information needed to apply.

What can I use the grant for?

  • Purchase of services
  • Project-based employment

Note that the added skills must be new to and come from outside the company.

How much money can I apply for?

You can apply for a business development grant of SEK 50,000–250,000. You must set out what your total cost will be in your expression of interest. You can then receive a grant to cover up to half of this cost. Your company must pay for the remainder of the cost.

How do I apply?

You fill out an expression of interest to Länsstyrelsen Stockholm and send it to

  1. If your expression of interest progresses, you will be to be invited to submit an application for a business development grant.
  2. If your application progresses, you will either be given the grant directly or asked to present your project to an assessment team.
  3. If your project then progresses beyond the assessment team stage, you will be approved the grant.

Many steps? Do not be afraid, we will guide you through it. It is much easier than to apply for grants from the European Union.

What does internationalisation mean?

Internationalisation means moving into an international market, that is, preparations for import or export. If you are looking to start selling your products or buy products from abroad, a business development grant could assist you in reaching new markets. Business development grants have existed since 2012 and are financed by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. Read more at

What does digitalisation mean?

Digitalisation means to digitise your company's operational procedures through the use of digital tools and systems. A business development grant could assist you in finding out how you better can use your current digital system or how to find either a new one or your first. Eligible costs include for example developing a digitalisation strategy, identifying new business models, services to improve digital processes, and e-commerce. This particular grant started in 2017 and was increasingly popular. It is also financed by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. Read more at