Coordinated actions against chytridiomycosis in the nordic countries

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Löpnummer: 2020:17

Diarienummer: 511-16825-2018

ISBN/ISSN-nr: 978-91-7675-196-1

Publiceringsår: 2020

Sidantal: 25

Publikationstyp: Rapport

Project Report for 2019

Amphibians are in a worldwide decline and among the most threatened organisms. The threats are numerous and one of the most severe is the chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd). A Bd infection may cause the disease chytridiomycosis in amphibians and Bd has been detected in over 700 different amphibian species all over the world. The fungus is waterborne and infects the skin of the amphibian.

The chytrid fungus is spread over Europe and was detected in Denmark in 2007, the first finding in the Nordic countries. To increase knowledge about the chytrid fungus in the Nordic countries and coordinate actions to limit further spread, a network was formed in 2019 supported with grants from the Nordic Council of Ministers.

This report summarizes the outcome from the work within the network in terms of knowledge about the chytrid fungus, updated prevalence in the Nordic countries and what can be done to prevent further spread. The network formed for actions against chytridiomy­cosis can be used to share future information about chytrid fungi or other waterborne amphi­bian diseases.