Social sustainability

The County Administrative Board’s mission to promote social sustainability entails numerous undertakings. The social issues addressed include integration, gender equality and human rights.

Among other things, our mission includes strengthening cooperation between authorities, municipalities, regions, civil society organisations and other actors. On these pages you will also find advice and support, as well as information on how we work to support organisations that work with social sustainability issues.

Gender equality

The County Administrative Board works to advance gender equality within the county. Gender equality means that women and men have the same opportunities to shape society and their own lives.

Human rights

The work of the County Administrative Board is founded on a rights-based approach, and the board provides support to municipalities and other actors that work with human rights issues.


The County Administrative Board spearheads and participates in the planning, organisation, implementation and follow-up of integration efforts. This work is usually carried out in collaboration with other actors.

National minorities

Sweden’s five national minorities are Jews, Roma, Sami, Swedish Finns and Tornedalers. Municipalities and regions are obliged to adopt targets and guidelines for their minority policy work.


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