The Hermit beetle (Osmoderma eremita) ecology and habitat management

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ISBN/ISSN-nr: 620-9910-8

Publiceringsår: 2002

Sidantal: 28

Publikationstyp: Rapport

This publication deals with the Hermit Beetle and how its habitat of old large oaks and other broadleaf trees is to be managed.

In the European nature conservation work the Hermit Beetle has been prioritized in the EU directive on the conservation of habitats and wild animals and plants (the habitat directive) and the establishment of the European network of protected natural areas, Natura 2000.

The publication has been produced within the framework of a project the aim of which is to protect the Hermit Beetle and its habitats. The project is financed from the EU Life Nature Fund and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. It includes conservation, management and information concerning 45 areas that have suitable habitats for the Hermit Beetle in southern Sweden.

It is the hope of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency that this publication will increase knowledge and contribute to a real investment on what is perhaps our most species-rich type of habitat.


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