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Guided tour of Linköping Castle

Bildkollage av Linköpings slott, både exteriör och interiör med ett beige mönster i bakgrunden

Linköping Castle is the oldest secular building in Sweden, with parts dating back to the 12th century. The castle was originally built as a bishop estate to later become a royal palace. Since 1795 it is the official residence for the County Governor of Östergötland. With the purpose of presenting the interiors of the castle to visitors from around the globe, the County Administrative Board has produced a series of movie clips where the history of the castle is brought to life through a digital guided tour.

You are invited to take part in a virtual guided tour of the castle, where you will learn more about the exciting history and current role of this important building.

1. Introduction on the Inner Court Yard

Visual interpretation: The camera moves in between the gates into the inner courtyard, where we see our guide Christel Storm standing and waiting for us in front of the visitor gate. Pictures show a plaque stating that the house is a building monument and that the state real estate agency manages the building. At the end of the film, Christel turns towards the castle and enters through the visitors gate and further up the stairs where she passes two large statues, busts.

2. Greetings by the Governor

Visual interpretation: The first images show the inner courtyard of the castle and then we are greeted by the Governor of Östergötland, Carl Fredrik Graf, as he waits for us in the small salon. The walls are mildly green, the parquet floors are decorated with fine carpets. The ceiling is quite high and the furniture is in the old style that befits a castle and that goes for all the rooms on this guided tour. During his welcome speech, various pictures from the castle's other rooms that will be displayed during the guided tour are being shown.

3. The Northern Gallery & Main Dining Room

Visual interpretation: We follow Christel Storm through a narrow passage called the north gallery towards a large oak door. On the left wall, large portraits hang in gold-colored frames, and on the right wall, large windows let in sunlight. Then she stops in the dining room where several large set round tables are placed. The walls are pink and adorned with large portrait paintings. Pictures show close-ups of the table setting and Christel hands over to the house manager Daniel Blomqvist who is standing at one of the set tables. Back to Christel that stands in front of the opening to the next room on the tour so you can see several of the castle's salons behind her. She is pointing towards the portraits on the walls as she is talking about them.

4. Salon of Princess Estelle

Visual interpretation: Christel Storm stands in the middle of the peach-colored room with other rooms visible behind her, you see close-ups of details in the room such as carvings on furniture, candles on an old mirror, lamp bases and an old clock. When she talks about the paintings, you first see Desideria dressed as queen in a wide gold-colored frame and then a large painting on the opposite wall picturing her husband. At the end of the film a close-up of the castle and Linköping Cathedral is seen in the latter painting.

5. The Little Salon

Visual interpretation: Christel Storm stands in the small salon, the same salon where the Governor of Östergötland welcomed us earlier in film number two. She is standing in front of a small group of gold-colored upholstered furniture. The walls are mildly green and the parquet floor is decorated with fine patterned carpets. In one corner of the room there’s a marble fireplace and a large chandelier hangs from the ceiling. Christel points to the painting Skvallerbyttan showing close-ups of three young children gossiping about a child standing and crying. A small painting of Birger Jarl dressed in armour hangs in a corner of the room next to an old clock.

6. The Grand Salon

Visual interpretation: Christel Storm is now standing in the grand salon, the largest room on this guided tour. The room is furnished by three different groups of tables,chairs and sofas on large patterned carpets. In one corner we see a grand piano. On the walls hang large paintings with wide gold-colored frames and a large mirror. The large chandelier almost feels small in this room. We see close-ups of details from the room such as curtain tassels and other furniture details. The painting on Charles XV on horseback is the largest painting in the room in the room. The painting Moln över Örberga is a landscape painting with white clouds in a blue sky over a vast landscape. Through the castle window the beautiful garden is shown. In the next clip Daniel Blomqvist is working in the vegetable garden, surrounded by the greeneries of the castle park.

7. The Corner Salon

Visual interpretation: The corner salon, where Christel stands, is the most modern room on this guided tour. The room is decorated with a mildly green wallpaper and the room has large windows in two directions. In front of the large fireplace made of Kolmården marble we find a group of armchairs and a sofa. Close-ups show details of the furniture in the room and when Christel talks about the art she points to the paintings that you see close-ups of. Christel stands in front of a low seating area, with furniture by artist Erik Chambert.

8. Assembly Room & Atrium

Visual interpretation: An elongated meeting room painted in a warm yellow color is adorned with a large elongated table and paintings showing former governors. On the table lies a chairman's club and in the next clip Christel stands in front of the opening to the next room, the atrium. She turns and walks into the atrium and stands next to a portrait of Karl the IX that hangs to her left. The room is painted white and is the smallest room on the tour. Bright sunlight shine in from large windows to the right. Close-ups of Charles IX are interspersed with footage of Christel standing in the doorway, so behind her you can see the next rooms on the tour.

9. The Southern Hallway & the King's Room

Visual interpretation: Our guide Christel Storm walks slowly towards the camera, as the camera backs up through a long light green hall. Footage show the blue long carpet that runs through the hall and a close up of the bust of Alice Trolle. Close-ups of the portraits in green tones in the frieze high up under the ceiling. Christel first stops in front of the painting by Matilde De La Gardie and then she stops again in front of the door to the kings room where you see close-ups of the restored wall painting. We leave our guide there, outside the kings room.

10. The Library

Visual interpretation: Here we meet the Governor of Östergötland, Carl Fredrik Graf, in the library. A small cosy room adorned with old paintings in gold-colored frames, a beautiful chandelier and a small seating area on a Persian rug on the old wooden floor. Pictures show details from the room such as furniture, frames and the painted ceiling. It is an old ceiling consisting of wooden planks with a painted pattern. The clip also shows Carl Fredrik choosing a book from the high bookshelf and sitting in an armchair and flipping through a book.


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