Wetlands reclaimed

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Löpnummer: 2018:33 (eng)

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Publiceringsår: 2018

Sidantal: 16

Publikationstyp: Rapport


The Layman's report of the LIFE-project Reclaim.

Just like its name implies the project wants to take something back, restore something to an earlier natural state, to rescue something. The goal of the Reclaim project is to restore two overgrown wetlands, to reverse existing negative trends, to create long-term sustainability for plants and to animals.

The project was carried out during 2012–2018 by the County Administrative Board in Örebro County, Sweden, with funding from the EU environmental action programme LIFE and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

The project has been performed in two overgrowth-threatened wetlands in Örebro County, Sweden – the mineral-rich fen Venakärret and the nutrient-rich lake Tysslingen. Through clearing, cutting, mowing, and removal of vegetation, as well as creation of an infrastructure favoring modern and rational conservation methods, project actions have made significant improvements towards sustainability for the wetlands and their management. To highlight the values of these wetlands and to bring more awareness towards modern conservation efforts, the project has also worked with public information through meetings, production of dissemination materials, on-site noticeboards, and accessibility improvements for visitors.