Marriage officiant

The County Administrative Board appoints civil marriage officiants in the county municipalities.

The County Administrative Board appoints the number of marriage officiants needed in the municipalities. Usually, we appoint a marriage officiant when we receive a proposal from the municipality.

Do you want to become a marriage officiant?

The County Administrative Board examines whether you have the knowledge and qualifications required to become a marriage officiant.

You need knowledge about:

  • applicable laws
  • how to conduct a wedding ceremony
  • impediments to marriage
  • the documents that must be prepared and submitted after the wedding ceremony

If you are appointed as a marriage officiant, you are qualified to conduct wedding ceremonies in the whole of Sweden.

In special circumstances, the County Administrative Board will appoint a marriage officiant for a single occasion.

Compensation for marriage officiants

It is an honorary commission to be a civil marriage officiant. As a marriage officiant you are not entitled to charge a fee from the bridal couple.

Travel expenses

The County Administrative Board does not compensate for travel expenses. But, as a marriage officiant, you may request compensation from the bridal couple if they want the wedding to be officiated in another location than the location offered by the municipality. The compensation may not exceed the actual costs incurred.

Book the wedding ceremony

You may reserve a time for a civil wedding ceremony by contacting the marriage officiant directly. In some municipalities, you may book your wedding ceremony through the municipality.

A civil wedding ceremony shall be free of charge for the bridal couple. The marriage officiant may request compensation for actual travel expenses incurred by the ceremony.


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