Food production

Are you a primary producer and produce food at farm level? Your establishment will need to be registered with the County Administrative Board. We are also responsible for auditing your activities.

The County Administrative Board, the National Food Agency and the municipalities regularly monitor food businesses and food to protect human and animal health. The County Administrative Board is responsible for inspecting primary producers. If you are a primary producer, you must register your premises with us.

As a business operator, you are obliged to comply with the requirements and rules laid down in food law.

Find all the laws in force on the National Food Agency’s website External link.

The e-services and forms of the County Administrative Board in this field are not available in English. If you wish to submit an application or notification, you may contact the County Administrative Board, which can inform you how to proceed.


If you produce, process, store, transport or distribute feed, you are a feed business operator. If you produce or store feed for feeding animals on your farm, you are also feed business operators. Feed business operators at farm level must be registered with the County Administrative Board. Other feed business operators must be registered with the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

Notifying a feed establishment at farm level

You register your feed business with the County Administrative Board on a form. You must send the form to the county administrative board in the county where you conduct your business. Contact us to have the form sent to you.

Notifying other feed establishments

Use the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s online portal to notify your establishment (in Swedish) External link.

As a food business operator, you are responsible

Food producers must ensure that the food is safe and properly labelled. The business or organisation that produces, transports or sells the food is responsible for ensuring that the consumer receives the right information about the food and does not fall ill from it.

Inspection of food production

The municipalities, the County Administrative Board and the National Food Agency share responsibility for inspection and visit the businesses to see whether the legislation is being complied with. The County Administrative Board inspects the production of food and this takes place at farm level.

Inspections on primary production are free of charge. However, if additional checks are required due to deficiencies or justified comments, the County Administrative Board will levy a charge.

Inspections are risk-based. This means that checks will be prioritised where they are most useful. Companies with effective self-monitoring and those complying with industry guidelines, certified schemes or voluntary schemes may receive fewer inspection visits.

What does the County Administrative Board inspect?

  • The rearing of food-producing animals, including farmed game.
  • Milking and the storage of milk on the farm.
  • The production, handling and storage of eggs on the farm.
  • Fish farms and the gathering of live fishery products, such as sea and inland fish, crayfish, mussels and oysters. This includes the slaughter and cleaning of fish.
  • The cultivation, harvesting and washing of vegetables, herbs, fruit and berries and simple packaging.
  • The cultivation, harvesting and drying of cereals on the farm.
  • The hunting of wild game and large farmed game, including the killing, removal and transport to a game-processing establishment.
  • Gathering centres, where game is collected before being transported to a game-processing establishment.
  • The picking of berries and mushrooms.
  • Fruit, potato and vegetable packing plants.
  • Beekeeping and honey production in conjunction with beekeeping.

What do the municipalities inspect?

  • restaurants
  • cafés
  • shops and farm shops
  • market trade
  • school kitchens and hospital kitchens
  • wholesalers
  • food transporters
  • municipal water works.

What does the National Food Agency inspect?

The National Food Agency is the inspection authority for certain large establishments:

  • agri-food industries
  • egg packing centres
  • dairies.

More information

Primary production on the National Food Agency website External link.

Appeal against the municipality’s decision

If you are not satisfied with the municipality’s decision, you can appeal to the County Administrative Board. The decision letter from the municipality will explain how to do so. Cases may concern, for example, decisions on annual fees, the setting up of sampling programmes for drinking water and various types of requirements imposed on you by the municipalities as a food business operator.

The County Administrative Board provides advice and information

We are here to provide advice and information to you as a food business operator and farmer. You can ask us about laws and requirements and you can ask for examples of how to comply with the rules


The County Administrative Board Örebro

Phone number 010-224 80 00