Environmentally hazardous activities

Environmentally hazardous activities are regulated in accordance with the legislation of the Environmental Code. If you intend to start and engage in certain environmentally hazardous activities, a permit or notification is required.

Environmentally hazardous activities include any use of land, buildings or facilities which may disturb human health or the environment.

Environmentally hazardous activities are divided into three types of installations:

  • A-facilities - such as airports, landfills and oil refineries. Applications for A-facility permits are evaluated by the Land and Environment Courts.
  • B-facilities - such as wastewater treatment plants, energy plants and quarries. Applications for B-facility permits are evaluated by the County Administrative Board's Environmental Assessment Delegation.
  • C-facilities - such as petrol stations and hospitals. C-facilities are reported to the municipality.

Guides for environmentally hazardous activities on the website of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency External link.