Reclaim LIFE - nature conservation in Tysslingen

Tysslingen, a nutrient-rich floodplain lake

Lake Tysslingen is situated on the fat plains below the slopes of Kilsbergen. The lake and surrounding wetlands are the remains of a sea bay formed after the last ice age. Through continuous water dynamics, where spring flooding was followed by dry summers and rainy autumns, the wetlands in the area were naturally kept open.

The wetland that almost disappeared

With the great population boom of the 19th century many of the regions wetlands were converted into arable land. Human water regulations disrupted natural water dynamics. When mowing and grazing practices stopped during the 20th century, shrubs and reeds started to overgrow the remaining wetlands.

Nature conservation opens it up again

It was soon apparent that all species previously thriving in these areas had greatly been reduced or completely disappeared. Through a collaborate effort by landowners and nature conservationists a process to restore the open wet meadows were initiated in the 1980’s. With the Reclaim project several improvements have been made to allow for this process to continue. In addition, to favour ducks and waders, new open water surfaces have been created and a water catching wall has been built to extend the period of spring flooding.

Information about the nature reserve Tysslingen (in Swedish)

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The County Administrative Board of Örebro ran during the years of 2012 to 2018 a conservation project in Tysslingen and Venakärret, recreating historical grazing and mowing.

Project map Tysslingen (pdf) Pdf, 2 MB.

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