The River Torne International Watershed

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Löpnummer: 2006:19


ISBN/ISSN-nr: 0283-9636

Publiceringsår: 2006

Sidantal: 88

Publikationstyp: Rapport

This report is the result of a project run by the Lapland Regional Environment Centre in Finland and the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten in Sweden in 2003-2006.

The aim was to develop a common set of methods for a joint management of the River Torne International River Basin district. The main goals were to define chemical and biological reference conditions for the most common surface water types and to propose a harmonised monitoring programme. The sub-projects were partly financed by the EU Regional Development Fund, INTERREG IIIA Nord. A sub-project was partly financed by The North Calotte Council and the Swedish-Finnish Border River Commission.