Talking of women and men in Norrbotten County

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Löpnummer: 2017:9

Diarienummer: Saknas

ISBN/ISSN-nr: 0283-9636


Sidantal: 92

Publikationstyp: Rapport

In its gender equality work, the County Administrative Board in Norrbotten County takes as its starting point the overarching political gender equality goal “Women and men shall have the same power to form society and their own lives” and the six subgoals. Our remit is to support actors in the County, produce fact-based documentation and initiate gender equality initiatives, and to monitor the impact of the goals.

The main strategy for gender equality work is gender equality integration. One important tool to enable integrating gender equality in different activities is statistics by gender, which highlight women’s and men’s life conditions, prospects and needs in Norrbotten County.

Statistics show where there are shortcomings in gender equality, and where progress is being made. In this factbook, conditions for women and men in different areas are brought into focus with reference to the political goals for gender equality.

Another new feature for this year is a user guide giving tips and suggestions on how to use statistics to discuss and reflect on gender equality in the classroom, in the workplace or in the boardroom. The County Administrative Board hopes that this factbook will contribute to increased knowledge in the field of gender equality and can inspire continued gender equality work.