National minorities

Do you belong to one of the five Swedish national minorities? If you do, you have extended rights and opportunities in your contacts with municipalities and authorities.

The five national minorities in Sweden are the Jews, the Roma, the Swedish Finns, the Sami, and the Tornedalers. You have the right to be informed about your rights, no matter what national minority language you speak or where in Sweden you live. If you live in a municipality in our administrative district, you also have the right to communicate with us in your language, in both speech and writing.

On The National Board of Health and Welfare’s web site you can find information about the linguistic rights of minorities and also find out what you can demand from municipalities and authorities

We protect and promote your language and culture

Our objective is to protect and promote the national minorities’ opportunities to maintain and develop their cultures in Sweden. To promote opportunities for children to develop a cultural identity, as well as to learn and use their mother tongue, is particularly important to us.

Our objective is also to provide the national minorities with opportunities to exert an influence on issues that affect them and to consult the minority representatives as much as possible on such issues.

The Act on National Minorities and National Minority Languages applies to the whole of Sweden and states that:

  • the minority languages are to be protected and promoted
  • the national minorities shall be able to maintain and develop their cultures
  • the authorities have an obligation to inform the national minorities about their rights, and provide them with the opportunity to exert an influence on issues that affect them.

The Sami Parliament and the Administrative Board of Stockholm County share the responsibility for coordinating and evaluating the municipal implementation of Sweden’s minority policy. The Sami Parliament is responsible for the Sami, and The Administrative Board of Stockholm County is responsible for the Jews, the Roma, the Swedish Finns and the Tornedalers.


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