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Föredrag på naturum Abisko: Photographic adventures

Foto med istappar och snö i förgrunden och vintrig solhimmel över Cuonavaggi i bakgrunden.

Photo: Oliver Wright

Oliver Wright is a British photographer who has worked in and around Abisko National Park for many years, mainly in winter time. And he has really made the most of his stays here!

Join us and take part of Oliver Wright´s stunning pictures and interesting stories.
Oliver will tell us about his experiences in the outdoors during his many visits to Abisko over the years. Welcome to enjoy his pictures and take part of both amazing adventures and alarming concerns.

The event is organized by naturum Abisko Visitor´s centre and is open to everyone.
The presentation will be held in English.

When: Sunday, March 26, 4-5 p.m.

Where: naturum Abisko, next to Abisko Tourist station in Abisko National Park.

For more information about the photographer Oliver Wright, please visit his website.


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