Norrbottens Naturkarta in English

Mobile phone with Norrbottens Naturkarta nature map

The app Norrbottens Naturkarta (Norrbotten's Outdoor map) is made for hikers and nature lovers in Swedish Lapland.

Welcome to the nature of Swedish Lapland in Norrbotten county. We have 2,250 kilometres of hiking through some of Sweden's mightiest National Parks and beautiful mountain massifs.

The app Norrbottens Naturkarta (Norrbotten's Outdoor map) is the County Administrative Board's guide to the state trail system and the National Parks in Norrbotten county. Here you find information about The King's Trail (Kungsleden) between Abisko and the Västerbotten county border. The King's Trail is the most famous and well-known trail in Sweden. The app contains descriptions of every section of the trail, with text and pictures. There is also a digital map in the app, where you can se where you are and click on symbols to get more information. The app also contains information about the West trail (up and down Sweden's highest mountain, Kebnekaise) and about the eight National Parks in the region, with links to more information.

If you download the app content in your cell phone you can access the map and gps-positioning off-line (lack of mobile coverage is very common in the Swedish mountains). Remember to bring extra charger/sunpowered charger and to save battery if you want to be able to use your cell phone on your hike. There are no places with electricity along the trails.

Another function in the app is the possibility to report faults in facilities along the trails. You take a picture and briefly describe the problem. The report is sent when you have mobile coverage.

There are many more nice and useful features, so welcome to download our app and start exploring! You find links to the app on App Store and Google play to the right.

The app will be completed during 2018/19 with all state trails and all nature reserves of Norrbotten county.