2002:28 Report of The Dragonflies at Store Mosse National Park 2001

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During July and August 2001 I carried out practical training at Store Mosse National Park. I collected dragonflies between weeks 30 and 34. All my collecting was of the adult insects - the imagines, and my aims were as follows:

• to obtain a species list of dragonflies inhabiting the site.
• to estimate the frequency of each species recorded.

Identification was carried out in Sweden using a Swedish reference book, (Sandhall, Åke. 1987) and German references were used in the later compilation of the repo11.
Most species recorded on Store Mosse are also found in Germany, with the exception of Coenagrion armatum. Sometimes there are different subspecies in each counlty, but their ecology is perhaps similar. However, differences in the annual life cycles and diurnal behaviour are possible.
Store Mosse is a favourable place for Dragonflies. The moss has a varied structure, and former peat-diggings are an especially valuable habitat.
The peat-diggings have water for most of the year water, but the pools of water are not big enough for some of the enemies of the dragonflies, especially fishes. It is also difficult for fish to disperse to, and survive in an acid habitat where the only input is rain water. In spite ofthe !arge number of Dragonflies, the population of each species varies in relative abundance. Some of the species are very rare while others are observed very frequently in all biotopes where dragonflies occur. 


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