Cultural environment

Culturally valuable buildings, environments and ancient monuments provide both cultural experiences and knowledge of our county. The County Administrative Board decides on permits to alter protected cultural environments and on the allocation of grants to care for them. We also distribute archaeological assignments to businesses.

Cultural conservation environments

Buildings, environments and ancient monuments of cultural historical value are sources of experiencing and gaining knowledge about our county. The County Administrative Board decides on both permits to make changes to cultural conservation environments and grants to nurture and preserve them.

Grants for cultural-historical environments

Do you look after a cultural environment so that it is preserved for the future? Or do you work to make a cultural environment more accessible and useful? You can apply for a grant for this from the County Administrative Board.

Heritage sites and ancient finds

The County Administrative Board is responsible for heritage sites and ancient finds in the county. Please contact us if you, for example, discover damage to a heritage site or an ancient find, have found an ancient find, or are planning a project close to a heritage site.

Metal detector permit

Do you wish to use a metal detector? If so, you first need to apply for a permit from the County Administrative Board.


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