• Eldningsförbud i hela länet

    Nu är det eldningsförbud i hela Jönköpings län. Nu är brandrisken stor och samtliga kommuner i länet har beslutat om eldningsförbud för att minska risken för brand i skog och mark. Förbudet gäller från och med kl. 10.00 tisdag 30 maj och tills vidare.

Current warning messages in Jönköping CountyRight now, there are several warning messages in the county. Read more about them on SMHI's website.

Life stages

Here we have assembled information on matters related to your private life. For example, you may refer to this page if you are seeking a wedding officiant or have views regarding a chief guardian.

Chief guardians

A chief guardian oversees guardians, legal representatives, and trustees. If you have any views regarding a chief guardian, you may contact the County Administrative Board.


Do you wish to become a Swedish citizen? If you are a citizen of one of the Nordic countries, you can submit a notification of Swedish citizenship to the County Administrative Board.

Marriage officiants

Do you require a marriage officiant? The County Administrative Board appoints civil marriage officiants and has a list of persons in the county’s municipalities who serve as marriage officiants.

Scattering ashes

Would you like to scatter ashes somewhere other than a graveyard? To do so, you will need to apply for permission from the County Administrative Board.


County Administrative Board Jönköping

Visiting Address: Hamngatan 4, Jönköping