Current warning messages in Jämtland CountyRight now, there are several warning messages in the county. Read more about them on SMHI's website.

Chief guardians

Do you have comments on a chief guardian? You may file complaints and comments to us at the County Administrative Board.

All municipalities have a chief guardian and a guardian committee supervising guardians, custodians and trustees. The County Administrative Board carry out inspections on a regular basis at the chief guardian. At the inspections we review if the chef guardian’s proceedings comply with laws and regulations and are carried out in a legally secure and appropriate manner. We may also review a chief guardian after, for example, receiving a complaint.

Complaints or comments

To file complaints or comments on a chief guardian, you may call, e-mail or send a letter to the County Administrative Board.

If you have comments on a guardian, custodian or trustee, please contact the municipality’s chief guardian. We do not supervise guardians, custodians or trustees.

What happens after I have filed complaints or comments?

  1. When the County Administrative Board receives your complaint or comment it becomes a case with us.
  2. Your case is registered and assigned a reference number.
  3. A case officer handles your case.
  4. The case officer processes the case and makes a decision.
  5. The decision is sent to you. You cannot appeal the decision.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the processing or the decision.


County Administrative Board of Jämtland