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Food controls

The County Administrative Board, the Swedish National Food Agency and the municipalities share responsibility for food controls in Sweden. The County Administrative Board performs controls in primary production.

If you produce, transport or sell food, you are responsible for making sure that the food products are safe and correctly labelled. The County Administrative Board, the Swedish National Food Agency and the municipalities perform regular controls of food business operators and food in order that people can have safe food with the right information that is easy to understand. We check that anyone producing food complies with legislation, that you are aware of any risks that may exist and that you have good procedures for producing safe food that is correctly labelled.

The County Administrative Board’s primary production controls

If you produce food products, you are responsible for making sure that they are safe and correctly labelled. The County Administrative Board performs controls of primary food production.

Primary production is the first link in the food chain. It includes, for example, the keeping of food-producing animals for meat, milk or egg production, the cultivation of various vegetables and cereals, but also hunting, fishing and beekeeping, and the collecting of wild berries and mushrooms.

Primary producers must register themselves and their business with the County Administrative Board.

The County Administrative Board’s controls are risk-based. This means that controls are planned and prioritised where they provide the greatest benefit. Business operators who have effective internal controls and follow industry guidelines or are connected to certification systems may be given lower priority in these controls.

Planned controls in primary production are free of charge. But if extra controls are required due to non-compliance with legislation, the County Administrative Board will make a charge.

The County Administrative Board offers support and information

We are here to provide you as a food business operator with support and information - you can ask us about controls, laws and requirements.

The County Administrative Board’s role in municipal food controls

The County Administrative Board takes part in work to coordinate and audit review the municipalities’ food controls. Coordination can take place, for example, by organising meetings, training opportunities or various projects with food inspectors within the county.

Audits are conducted throughout the food chain, in order to constantly develop and improve food controls. In a audit, the County Administrative Board assesses whether municipal food controls are meeting the requirements of legislation. Areas reviewed include planning, follow-up and goals for the controls. In connection with these audits, various examples of good practice in work with the controls can also be shared between municipalities.

The results of audits are communicated to the Swedish National Food Agency, which compiles an annual national report.

National plan for food chain control, Swedish National Food Agency External link.


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