Nuclear energy readiness

Sweden's nuclear power plants have systems to protect us from technical and human errors. If an accident happens despite this, theres is a readiness for different situations. You can find information here about how nuclear energy readiness works in your county.

The County Administrative Board is prepared to deal with a nuclear accident. Our most important task is to minimize damage to people, animals and the environment. In the event of a release of radioactive substances or in the event of a threat of release from a nuclear facility, we are responsible for the emergency services. Our responsibility also includes information to the public, clean-up and radiation measurement.

Readiness for accidents at nuclear power plants

The County Administrative Board are responsible for protecting the public in the event of a nuclear accident. It is also your responsibility to be aware of what to do if there is an accident. This applies to you as a resident or someone who is in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant, or who lives in a different part of Sweden.

Sweden has three nuclear power plants. Ringhals is slightly north of Varberg in Halland county, Oskarshamn is in Kalmar county and Forskmark is approximately 100 kilometers from Uppsala in Uppsala county.

Readiness and planning zones

The area around the nuclear power plants is divided into two readiness zones – an inner and an outer preparedness zone. Tthe inner readiness zone us closest to the nuclear power plant, and extends approximately five kilometers out from the nuclear power plant. The area up to 25 kilometers from the nuclear power plants is called the outer readiness zone.

The public in the readiness zones have received warning receivers, iodine tablets and information. The municipalities affected by the readiness zones are in Uppsala, Kalmar and Hallands county, as well as parts of Mark municipality in Västra Götalands county.

There is also a planning zone. The planning zone stretches approximately 100 kilometers from the nuclear power plants. In the planning zone, there is a plan for how to evacuate the public based on radiation measurements. As a part of the preparations for the planning zone, the public staying inside is included. There is also a plan for a limited extra handout of iodine tablets.