Animal health personnel

The County Administrative Board is responsible for supervision of animal health personnel in the county. We provide them with support and guidance and ensure that they comply with current laws and regulations.

Who are animal health personnel?

Animal health personnel are people who work within regulated professions in animal health care. The following roles are included within the term animal health personnel:

  • licensed veterinarians
  • licensed veterinary nurses
  • authorised farriers
  • licensed dentists, nurses and physiotherapists that are authorised to work within animal health care
  • those with a specific permit to practice within the veterinary profession
  • those who are working in the profession during a temporary stay in Sweden.

How is supervision conducted?

There are regulations regarding how animal health personnel must conduct their work within animal welfare, infectious disease control, and food safety. Every year, the County Administrative Board inspects veterinary workplaces in the county to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Some of the things we check during an inspection are that:

  • personnel have the correct eligibility
  • journal documentation complies with the requirements
  • pharmaceuticals are used in a responsible way
  • routines are in place to manage cases of suspected animal welfare violations or infectious diseases.

Hygiene in animal care

The County Administrative Board also inspects the level of hygiene at animal care facilities. Good routines must be in place to prevent the spread of infections. Animal care facilities include:

  • veterinary hospitals
  • veterinary clinics
  • veterinary practices.

Mandatory reporting for animal health personnel

All animal health personnel are obliged to report to the County Administrative Board suspected cases where animals are not kept or cared for properly.

Support and guidance

One of the duties of the County Administrative Board is to provide support and guidance to animal health personnel in questions regarding animal welfare and infectious disease control. We provide current information regarding questions related to animal health and well-being.