County Administrative Board

In Sweden, each county has a county administrative board, a government authority that holds a unique position in Swedish democracy. The county administrative boards are important links between people and municipalities on the one hand, and the government, parliament and central authorities on the other. It is our job to implement and clarify government policies throughout the counties. In the reverse direction, we must also supply the government with information on conditions in the counties.

The work of the Västmanland County Administrative Board is led by the County Governor.


Pictures from Västmanland county

Broad range of social issues

With wide areas of responsibility that span an extremely broad range of social issues, the boards are also multifaceted authorities. Hence the need for all types of experts: lawyers, biologists, architects, agronomists, foresters, engineers, educationalists, archaeologists, sociometrists, vets, sociologists and economists to mention but a few! We employ about 170 people.

Create total solutions

It is the boards’ special responsibility to create total solutions. Regulatory duties are the largest part of this. However, coordination, the communication of knowledge and the nurturing of various interests are also involved. Take the building of a new road as an example. Here, we must not only take into account people’s expectations in respect of good communication, but also assess the impact on environmental and heritage values.

21 counties

Sweden is divided into twenty-one counties; each county has a County Administrative Board and a county governor. The County Administrative Board is a coordinating national authority with supervisory responsibilities. We are also a public service authority and can hear appeals.

Its work and its role

Our brochure The county administrative board - Its work and its role (pdf) is one way of providing greater insight into the work of County Administrative Board. Leafing through this brochure will give you an idea of what we do.