Rural development 

Photo: Dan Tjell
Photo: Dan Tjell

The County Administrative Board's work in developing rural areas, involves supporting the ideas and commitment of other stakeholders to make it easier to run a business, find employment and obtain attractive living conditions. We utilize the unique conditions of each rural area, thus contributing to positive development.

Rural Development Programme

The Rural Development Programme is a seven-year European programme which provides stakeholders and contractors in rural areas the opportunity to apply for grants, to start or expand businesses, and to improve competence within the company. The Rural Development Programme was implemented in 2007.  

The overall objectives of the Rural Development Programme are to

  • improve competitiveness and growth in agriculture and forestry, including reindeer husbandry, and thereby increase rural employment
  • further environmental adaptation of Swedish agriculture, preserve both open spaces and a diversity of plant and animal species
  • develop diversified business activities, thereby making it easier to live and work in rural areas.

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