About Västerbotten County

The Vindel river

Västerbotten has a magnificent, inviting natural environment, a dynamic business sector with an entrepreneurial culture and innovation, and cultural and academic diversity. And from mountain to seashore it has people who enjoy life, who have tradition and the power of creativity.

The County of  Västerbotten is a remarkable part of Sweden, an important part of the EU and a gateway to the Barents region. Around 260 000 people live in this varied, delightful and fresh environment. The light summer nights are mythical and enchanting, an experience not to be missed.

From the mountains to the coast

Västerbotten extends from the mountains to the coast. Norrland's largest city, countryside and wilderness with unspoiled nature can all be found here. The County is 500 kilometres wide - enough space for you to find a favourite spot for picking your own cloudberries.

Past, present and future

Past, present and future come together in Västerbotten. The Kalvträsk ski, at 5 400 years the oldest ski found in the world, and rock-carvings dating back 4 500 years, are proof of that humans have been hunting here for a long time. Today the County is characterized by its university, high technology, its wealth of ideas and enterprise.

In the mountains the Samis carry in our oldest industry - herding reindeer - with the help of modern technology.