Chief guardian

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The County Administrative Board is the supervisory authority for the chief guardians in its county. This means that we inspect the chief guardians at regular intervals but may also assess a chief guardian following, for example, a complaint from the general public.

People who have difficulty in managing their finances due to illness, age or other reasons can receive assistance from a trustee or an administrator. In every municipality there shall be a chief guardian or a chief guardians' committee to ensure that the municipality's trustees and administrators discharge their duties The chief guardian shall particularly ensure that the assets of an individual person are used for his or her benefit and that the assets are invested securely and produce a reasonable return. The chief guardian will also ensure that parents and guardians take care of the child's assets in a safe manner until the child reaches legal age. The provisions of the chief guardian's activities are regulated in the Parental Code and the Ordinance on guardianship.  

If you have a complaint about how a guardian, administrator or trustee discharges his/her duties you can contact the chief guardian in your municipal area. If you have a complaint against the chief guardian or chief guardians' committee, you can contact the County Administrative Board.