Rural development

Country store.

The County Administrative Board's work to develop rural areas includes supporting the ideas and commitments of various actors to make it easier to run a business, find a job and get an attractive living environment. We use every rural area's unique conditions and in doing so we contribute to good development.

Rural Development Programme 2014-2020

The Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 consists of aid and compensation to develop the countryside. The priorities are the environment, sustainable development and innovation.

The Rural Development Programme should contribute to profitable and viable companies, active farmers who give us an open countryside with grazing animals as well as an attractive countryside. The Rural Development Programme includes investment aid for companies and projects, agri-environmental payments, environmental investments, compensatory aid, animal welfare compensation and locally-led development. The aid and compensation is jointly financed by Sweden and the European Union. The rural development programme totals SEK 36 billion for the period between 2014 and 2020.

The EU commission has now approved the Swedish Rural Development Programme.

The rural development programme 2014-2020 should contribute to achieving the overall SMART goal and sustainable growth for all. This goal is included in the shared Europe 2020 strategy.